An Independent Project at Phillips Academy

Russian Meddling

A four-part series exploring Russian meddling on American social media.Miles McCain and Jeffrey Shen

The Trolls Are Among Us

Deconstructing Russian Social Media Meddling So Far

Russian Meddling Pt. 1 • Oct. 29, 2018

Inside the Mind of the Troll

Using Machine Learning to Understand Russian Disinformation

Russian Meddling Pt. 2 • Nov. 7, 2018

The Distribution of Disinformation

Applying Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis to Russian Troll Messaging

Russian Meddling Pt. 3 • Nov. 13, 2018

Interactive Explorer

An Interactive Online Tool to Explore Troll Discourse

Russian Meddling Pt. 4 • NOV. 13, 2018